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Quartz Pulverizer

Psted On 2018-10-11 17:17:05
Quartz Pulverizer

New progress in mineral crushing process

When the ore and other materials are ground more finely, it can make production more efficient, save a lot of cost, and make tailings recycling easier. The fineness of the grinding and discharging products discussed here generally means that the P80 particle size is 20 & mu; m and 7 & m; m, which needs to be produced in the production line of energy costs and low cost mills. If this fineness is to be achieved, in the selection of production line equipment, the Quartz Pulverizer is generally selected as the main milling equipment, and the electric energy consumption required for the dissociation of the mineral particles accounts for about 70% of the total cost of the beneficiation plant. When the milling equipment grinds the mineral grain size to below 20 20 & mu; m, the cost of the conventional Quartz Pulverizer during grinding increases exponentially with the decrease of the fineness of the grinding.

One problem with fine grinding minerals with conventional grinding machines is that their rotational speed is relatively low, because when the grinding machine speed is higher than the critical speed, the grinding medium is rotated by the centrifugal force and the power of the low speed grinding machine is relatively low. In the case of fine grinding, the low power strength mill can not meet the high grinding processing capacity required by the mineral industry, and the equipment must be added, which in turn increases the production cost. In order to effectively solve these problems, the traditional mill needs to use the diameter. More than 20mm steel balls, and such a large steel ball gap is very large, for the grinding fineness less than 2020 & mu; m particles are too large, the impact of the magic ball and the grinding pressure can not form a fine crushing effect on smaller materials, Instead, the wear rate of the magic ball is increased, so that the production line produces a large number of unqualified products. Therefore, in the face of high-demand production requirements, traditional mills are becoming more and more incapable, and the production contradictions are urgently needed to be solved.

Based on this, the new Quartz Pulverizer was born to bring light to the ultra-fine crushed mineral material, which has a fixed grinding chamber, using a small grinding medium, and operating in a mill with a high-speed rotating agitator. The agitating mill relies on high-strength agitation to effectively drive a small grinding medium to rotate at a high speed to form a plurality of compressed rotating medium layers, which can generate a plurality of surface pressures and torsion forces, etc., so that the material is pulverized to a suitable size. After trial and actual operation, the effect is very significant, and it is a classic of the new grinding equipment.