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Roller Mill For Sale

Psted On 2018-10-11 17:20:01
Roller Mill For Sale

Roller Mill For Sale

Moderator: Slag is a kind of extensive waste after ore mining and is one of the more common pollutants. In the past, this was a very big problem because it was inherently more polluting, and stacking would require a lot of space. Now, when we have the crushing and grinding equipment, we can process the slag and process the waste into useful materials, which reduces the pollution and turns waste into treasure. We are honored to invite SBM's milling expert to come to us, he will tell us about the slag grinding production line. Let's welcome him together!

Sir: Good morning everyone. I am very happy to share some of the findings on slag grinding here and I hope to help you.

Moderator: We know that slag will have an impact on the environment. But now, it has become a kind of wealth. So, can you tell us something about this?

Sir: Ok, I am very happy. Slag is the residue after beneficiation or smelting. In industrial production, slag plays an important role, especially in some large factories. Through experiments and actual production, it is concluded that slag cement, slag powder, slag Portland cement and slag cotton can be made by pulverizing the slag with a Roller Mill. Because of the large amount of slag accumulated in various places, the resources are very rich, and the cost is low, it can greatly save energy consumption. In addition, blast furnace slag can be used as a raw material for fertilizers, throwing stones, glass ceramics, enamels, ceramics and other parts. However, we also need to pay attention to the environmental impact of road slag in the production process. Therefore, we should do a safe job in production.

Moderator: So, how to choose production equipment?

Mr.: It is necessary to work together with the grinding production line and the crushing production line. When processing the slag, according to the current application of the slag, the grinding equipment is inseparable, and the Roller Mill is selected. In the crushing line, there are generally types of crushers that can be selected, such as smashing machines, cone crushers, impact crushers and hammer crushers. In general, we will use a jaw crusher as the main crusher. If you want to set up two stages of crushing, you can also choose to break or counter-break, they will meet your requirements.

Moderator: So the grinding line also needs a grinding machine. is this correct?

Sir: Of course. You are right. Milling machines are also diverse, such as trapezoidal mills, Raymond mills, vertical mills, Roller Mill and ball mills. For slag grinding and grinding, we generally choose a Roller Mill or vertical mill as the main grinding equipment.

Moderator: Thank you, Mr.! Very exciting introduction.

MR: You are welcome.