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Stamp Mill For Sale In Zimbabwe

Psted On 2018-10-11 16:59:38
Stamp Mill For Sale In Zimbabwe

Can tourmaline be processed into ultrafine powder using a Stamp Mill?

Tourmaline, also known as "tourmaline", is a borosilicate crystal that can be used in a variety of colors, and is therefore also known as "the rainbow that falls into the world", which is a kind of colored gemstone. Has a large appreciation space.

At present, the more common treatment process for tourmaline is the Stamp Mill process: the process first sends the tourmaline raw ore into the primary crusher for crushing, and breaks into small particle materials that can enter the mill and then sends it through the belt conveyor. Into the ultra-fine grinding machine. The Stamp Mill superfinely grinds the powdered material, and the particle size of the powder is selected by the analyzer and collected as a finished product. This is the process of the tourmaline ultrafine powder.

The use of tourmaline after being ground into ultrafine powder by a Stamp Mill has become more widespread. It has good piezoelectric properties and can be used in the radio industry as well as in the ceramic industry. With the continuous improvement of the technical level of Stamp Mills, tourmaline ultrafine powder is increasingly used in medical, chemical, paint, architectural decoration, health care products, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, automobiles and environmental protection (improved soil, water treatment) , purification of air and shielding electromagnetic radiation) and other fields.

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