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Vertical Grinding

Psted On 2018-10-11 13:48:42
Vertical Grinding

What are the precautions for Vertical Grinding Mill operation?

For large equipment, operation is a very important task. Reasonable operation can not only reduce the fault, but also make the production go smoothly, and it can reduce the failure and reduce the downtime. It also reduces the probability of accidents, thus ensuring the The production process uses relatively little cost investment. Especially for the grinding equipment, the Vertical Grinding Mill is a large-scale fine working equipment. In the production process, it is more necessary to improve the operation, and strive to operate the operator correctly and correctly, avoiding serious problems caused by a little mistake. s consequence.

Below, we will introduce some details that the Vertical Grinding Mill needs to pay attention to during the grinding operation. The details are very important. Only when all the details are in place can the production line be produced in a normal and orderly manner. So what details should you pay attention to during the grinding process?

First, we need to make a brief introduction to the Vertical Grinding Mill. Its full name is SCM series reinforced superfine grinding equipment, which is mainly suitable for ultra-fine grinding of some ore and non-metal materials. Its application is very wide and can be widely used in various industries that require grinding operations, such as paper making, cosmetics, medicine, food, chemicals, smelting and so on. The equipment consists of a number of production systems, such as grinding systems, powder selection systems, dust collection systems and dust removal systems. The fineness of the finished product is very high, so it can be used for high-quality cosmetic raw material grinding and pharmaceutical grinding. The environmental protection effect is very good, it can meet the requirements of home requirements, and the investment cost is also low, so it is widely favored by users. Nowadays, Vertical Grinding Mills have become the grinding equipment widely used in many new industries, and have become the mainstream grinding equipment.

In the past, we often used all kinds of grinding equipment such as Raymond mill to solve the problem of grinding. In the process of production, Raymond mill has very high milling efficiency for some materials, and high rate of grinding for some materials, but It is usually not possible to have an efficient milling operation for all materials and all finished material fineness. Under the urging of the industry, various types of milling equipment have emerged, such as medium-speed three-ring micro-grinding, T130X series vertical grinding and the Vertical Grinding Mill mentioned here, all of which are targeted grinding. Powder equipment, which can exert its advantages and characteristics in various fields, improve the milling efficiency and improve the qualification rate of finished materials, so it is a major advancement of milling equipment. For example, in the construction of roads and bridges, Vertical Grinding Mills can process materials such as fly ash and slag that have been difficult to process in the past, and then incorporate them into cement, which can improve the quality of cement products, such as viscous and cement. Corrosion resistance, etc. This is a very good example of the operation of a Vertical Grinding Mill.

Therefore, the Vertical Grinding Mill can show more and more advantages in the production and application process, and can provide more help for our production and construction. In the process of use, we must combine its advantages and characteristics to fully understand its performance and operating procedures, which not only can improve its working efficiency, but also reduce the frequency of faults in Vertical Grinding Mills and reduce equipment downtime.

When moving the material into the Vertical Grinding Mill, one thing we should pay attention to is the physical properties of the material. Normally, the Vertical Grinding Mill will not be equipped with a drying system when it is installed and selected, and the vertical grinding system usually installs a drying system. Vertical Grinding Mills are no exception and cannot process materials with a moisture content of more than 6%. We know that the grinding equipment relies on the size of the wind to select the powder. The humidity of the material will directly affect the output of the Vertical Grinding Mill and the fineness of the powder. When the water content is too large, it will affect the powder selection process. Caused the selection of powder is too low and the selection of powder is not qualified. So why is this? Let us explain in detail why the moisture content of the material affects the powder selection process of the Vertical Grinding Mill.

When the moisture content of the material is too large, after the grinding, the finished material has a low degree of fineness and may be sticky in the case of a large amount of water. It is also said that because the water content is too high, it will adhere to the grinding roller and the grinding ring, and cannot be blown away by the normal air volume sent by the fan. It is also said that the fan cannot perform the powder selection operation normally. And the fine powder will stick to it in the case of sufficient water, and it will not enter the analysis system as easily as fine powder, which will cause great problems. Therefore, Vertical Grinding Mills cannot grind materials with excessive water content due to their own limitations. So is there a solution? The answer is obviously yes. It is first necessary to dry the bite material to be ground, and then into the main cavity of the Vertical Grinding Mill for grinding. Of course, there are some problems in the case where the material is too dry. For example, in the production, there will be more fine powders that are less than required to be sucked away by the dust collector, resulting in problems such as reduced yield and low yield. Therefore, in summary, when operating the Vertical Grinding Mill, it is necessary to pay special attention to the physical properties such as the moisture content of the material, because only in this way, the performance advantages of the Vertical Grinding Mill can be exerted.

In addition, in the grinding operation of the Vertical Grinding Mill, we need to pay attention to its working principle and performance limitations, do not make it processing materials that can not be processed, so as to avoid malfunctions and problems. It should also be noted that for different types and models of Vertical Grinding Mills, the feed size and the moisture content of the material to be milled are different. In order to ensure that users can purchase suitable professional Vertical Grinding Mill equipment, please click on the customer service on the right, tell your production requirements and conditions, let the experts provide you with reasonable and professional guidance, and ensure that the investment is relatively low cost. Big production gains.