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Quartz Crushers In South Africa

Psted On 2018-10-17 16:18:32
Quartz Crushers In South Africa

Quartz Crusher operating specifications


In the use of the Quartz Crusher, the standard operation is the basic condition for ensuring the proper efficiency and ensuring the service life of the equipment. If the operation is not standardized, it is not only inefficient but also recurrent for the use of the crusher. The failure of the failure, resulting in increased maintenance costs, then what is the operation of the machine specification?

1. In order to ensure the safety of the staff, it is necessary to check whether the vortex chamber is closed when the machine is turned on. If it is not closed, there may be stones in the production from here, “flying out”, danger occurs;

2. Check the direction of rotation of the impeller of the Quartz Crusher. From the direction of the inlet, the correct direction of rotation should be counterclockwise. Otherwise, the motor wiring needs to be adjusted for a long time.

3. After the above two aspects of inspection, it can be turned on. When starting up, it is necessary to follow the order of discharge--Quartz Crusher--feeding to prevent the machine starting from the equipment from being abnormal. The phenomenon of intensification of wear and tear, etc., at the time of starting, the Quartz Crusher must be in a state of no-load, and the feeding operation is performed after the normal operation, and the order of stopping the machine is opposite to the starting sequence;

4. When feeding the Quartz Crusher, it is necessary to ensure a reasonable feeding size, and it is forbidden to add the material larger than the maximum size allowed by the machine to the inside of the equipment to prevent the impeller imbalance and the impeller. Excessive wear, and if the feed size is too large, it will also cause blockage of the impeller passage and the central feed pipe. For this phenomenon, if a large size material accidentally enters the Quartz Crusher Internally, it needs to be eliminated in time;

5. In the process of equipment production, it is necessary to ensure continuous and uniform feeding. If the discharging equipment stops running, it is necessary to stop the feeding operation in time. Otherwise, it will cause the phenomenon of crushing the impeller and burning the motor, and In the process of moving the Quartz Crusher, once there is severe vibration and abnormal noise, it is necessary to stop the inspection immediately;

6. During the operation of the equipment, reasonable lubrication is required. When lubricating, it is necessary to use the grease matching the model of the Quartz Crusher to perform the lubrication operation at regular intervals.